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Renée Sporre-Willes, founder and owner of Cobby’s is seen with, Int Ch Cobby’s Bewitched Brew multiple Group winner (at 12 years) and sitting beside is the first ever imported Norwich Terrier to UK to gain the champion title, Eng & Int Ch Cobby’s Timothy Gyp (at 9 years).

 Sitting behind is the first ever Lagotto Romagnolo to be imported to Scandinavia, Nord Ch Re d’Abruzzo Caterina and on the right, the second imported female, Nord Ch India (di Casa Cleo). The famous Norwich Terrier brood bitch, Eng, S & FIN Ch Cobby’s Bun O’Honey (multiple Group winner) and the mother of one of Britain’s most influential Stud Dogs, Eng Ch Elve The Viking.

 Bun O’Honey has a quite unusual place in the Hall of Fame in England: She is the first ever (out of all customarily docked breeds) to be made up a champion with an undocked tail!


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